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Dr Witold Borysiak

Witold Borysiak, PhD in legal sciences, assistant professor at the faculty of Law and Administration, University of Warsaw, and the Institute of the Judiciary. He was twice the research fellow of the Foundation for the Polish Science, and received the scholarship of the Minister of Science and Higher Education for distinguished young researchers. The laureate of the Main Prize in the XLVIII Competition Edition of „Państwo and Prawo” [State and Law] journal for the best PhD dissertation, entitled “Succession – Legal Construct and Protection”. He held scholarships at a number of research centers abroad, including as a SCIEX scholar at the University of Geneva, at the Suisse Institute of Comparative Law in Lausanne and at the Institute of for European Tort Law in Vienna.
He worked at the Department of Studies and Analyses of the General Counsel to the State Treasury and as the assistant to the judge of the Constitutional Court. Former member of the Team for Issues in Inheritance Law of the Civil Law Codification Committee.
He has authored several publications in the field of private law, „System Prawa Prywatnego” [Private Law System] and „System Prawa Medycznego” [Medical Law System] (as the co-author), comments to the Civil Law Code, the Family and Guardianship Code and the Polish Constitution. He was the initiator and the editor of “Zbiory Orzecznictwa” [Case Law Reports] in civil law.

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