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Dr Józef Orzeł

Józef Orzeł (born on 26 Feburary 1946 in Kharkov) – Polish politician, philosopher, manager, Member of Parliament of the 1st term Sejm.
Curriculum vitae
In 1968, he graduated from econometrics studies at the Central School of Planning and Statistics in Warsaw. Next, he received the PhD degree in philosophy.
He run the publishing business and managed Municipium joint stock company. In 1990, he became one of co-founders of the Central Agreement (PC) political party. In 1991, he was elected the MP from the PC list. During the legislative term he supported the appointment of Hanna Suchocka Cabinet and, together with Jerzy Eysymontt and others, left the PC and joined the Polish Liberal Program. In 1993, he did not run for the second parliamentary term and decided to quit active political life.
He was also the advisor to the Minister of Regional Development. He now works as an expert in promotion and project management. He co-authored the National Development Plan for 2004-2006. He took the position of the Vice-President of “City in Internet” Association and the deputy chair of the Coalition for the Information Society.
In 2007, together with Rafał Ziemkiewicz, he founded the right-wing political discussion club branded ‘Ronin Club’. He was the Board Member of the Good Name Redoubt Foundation – Polish League against Defamation.
In 2017, he became Board Member of the Polish National Foundation.

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