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Dr Błażej Kmieciak

Doctor of social sciences in the field of sociology of law, bioethics and special educator. Coordinator of the Center for Bioethics of the Institute for Legal Culture Ordo Iuris. A graduate of specialist courses in the field of addiction prevention and protection of human rights and mediation, adjunct at the Medical Law Department of the Medical University of Lodz, lecturer at the Special Educational University of Lodz, and former Patient Ombudsman of the Psychiatric Hospital and editor of the Department of Bioethics, biotechnology portal. pl. Author of over one hundred reviewed articles on medical law, social psychiatry and sociology of law, as well as the following books: Patient’s rights and their protection, sociological study, Children’s rights as a patient, co-author: Bioethics, between law and pedagogy, Challenges of innovative medicine and editor of m. in. monographs: Law, psychiatry, society, Proswa poczgoego a patient, and Philosophical and psychosocial picture of human existence.

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